Car Loans

There are many different options available to you when deciding to finance the purchase of a car.

Global Credit can offer finance to private individuals and companies  for vehicles that are purchased through a CAR DEALERSHIP, PRIVATELY or through an AUCTION. Whether you have seen the car that you want or you’re looking for pre-approval to purchase, we can help. With pre-approval obtained it gives you the power of becoming a “cash buyer” which enables you to negotiate with the car dealer saving you money!

Buying PRIVATELY or through an AUCTION the process is exactly the same. We can obtain pre-approval for you or we can assist if you have found a car.

Global Credit can provide loans on a No or Low Deposit basis. The amount of deposit required is based on your individual status, you may not need as much deposit as you think!

BALLOON/RESIDUAL…….Another finance option is to have a balloon/residual payment. A balloon/residual payment allows you to purchase that vehicle you have always wanted and keep within your budget. A balloon/residual payment is an agreed sum that is repaid at the completion of the loan. The amount can either be paid back in full or refinanced at this time. Certain criteria does apply ie. age of vehicle.